The Proteus Project was aimed at development of a modern system, which in the future would be able to support operations of police, fire service and the other services responsible for security of Polish society. The designed system include i.a.: three multi-functional robots, unmanned aircraft and mobile command centre.

I was part of the Mobile Systems Research Labs on Poznań University of Technology which was responsible for Mobile Command Center and UAV.

Things I’ve done:
  • designed and developed distributed platform used in projects (scalable, modular, heavily multithreaded, message passing),

  • designed and developed components for visualizing and managing spatial data (vector, raster, objects),

  • integrated various distributed services for providing GIS data (shapefile, raster, WMS, TMS, GeoTIFF, custom vector database, live data feeds of moving objects),

  • coordinated with other project participants in GIS related area,

  • contributed to several Polish and European R&D project proposals (work planning, estimation, technology aspects),

  • created flooding reports for Disaster Recovery Center during flood in southern Poland in June 2010.

Technologies used:

Castle Windsor